APD Comfy Mat (2pcs)

  • Reference: TYTTRO0003
The mat is grown and made in the USA from a fibrous, renewable natural grass which is safe and non toxic for animals.
The mat should be used to lay on for comfort, keeping animal up off of abrasive surfaces such as cage wire, hot, cold and comfort animal with conditions such as urine burn.  
The mat is very useful as a litter box liner, put at the bottom of litter box, add favourite bedding material and use. The mat makes clean up so easy. Lift, shake litter and debris, gently rinse with warm water, air dry, and reuse several times.
The mat is NOT intended to be eaten, although it is a natural grass and should not be harmful. If the animal wants to eat the mat instead of laying on the mat, remove from the habitat area.  
Benefits of Comfy Mat:
100% Biodegradable
Non toxic
All natural grass fiber
Easy to clean
Grown in USA
Used for all types of small pets, young and old! Great for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Mice and Rats.
12" x 15"