Four Paws Quick Blood Stopper 0.5oz

  • Reference: SVADP001

Since 1970, Four Paws has provided innovative solutions that help pet parents care for their fur friends. Our cat, bird, and dog antiseptic powder is a quick-acting solution that aids in stopping blood flow after accidents. Whether you're cutting your pet's nails, clipping their wings, or treating small cuts, this antiseptic blood stop powder for animals will help you keep bleeding under control. Plus, it comes with two cotton swabs so you can easily apply the powder. Used by veterinarians and breeders, this USA-made animal first aid solution is safe and simple to use.


About this item:

.THE CONTROL OF BLEEDING - This antiseptic blood stop powder for pets helps prevent blood flow when cutting nails, clipping wings, and treating minor cuts.
.USED BY VETERINARIANS - Breeders and veterinarians use this blood stopper with confidence.
.FOR MULTIPLE TYPES OF PETS - You can use this blood stopper for dogs, cats, and birds.
.INCLUDES COTTON SWABS - Powder comes with 2 cotton swabs for easy application.
.MADE IN THE USA - This pet first aid solution is proudly made in the United States.
.0.5-OUNCE CONTAINER - Powder comes in a half-ounce bottle.