Payment Method

Payment Method:
Cash on delivery / Money transfer

Notice for delivery:
Normally we will contact the customer between 12:00-15:30 on scheduled delivery day (*We will contact the customer one working day before the delivery date for the special delivery arrangement on public holiday). If we cannot reach the customer before 15:30 on scheduled delivery day, the order will be proponed to next week. There will be no other calls before delivery arrived if no special request. Please remember to pay cash on delivery or do the money transfer process before our delivery for our convenience. Thank you.

If you cannot receive our products face to face, please ensure you do the money transfer process before our delivery. Also, please send us the payment receipt to our whatsapp 5500 3062 and ensure we know that we can place your order:
- at the security centre (*Please ensure the security guard noted and trustable)
- in front of your shipping address door/gate (*Please evaluate the level of safely regarding the cleanliness and stealing)

***Remarks: If the customer cannot receive our products face to face, customer may need to take the risk that the products will be stolen/lost, HKRS will not bear that kinds of risk, please evaluate clearly before making this decision. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Our Banking / PPS / FPS / PayMe / Alipay information:

1. Hong Kong Rabbit Society Ltd.
- Bank of China (BOC) :012-7040001-6357
- The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC):640-014387-001

2. PPS (shopping):6454 (please insert your mobile number as the invoice no)

3. Faster Payment System (FPS) authentication code: 167714088

4. PayMe's QR Code:

5. Alipay's QR Code:

***Remarks: If the amount of the delivery order is under $300, please choose ‘other income’ for donation, until $300 in total (*$300 is the minimum amount of order for free delivery). If the donation is over $100, you can ask for donation receipt by sending us email ( for tax deduction use.