Wooly Oat Hay (Young) 400g

  • Reference: HYPETL0094

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Wooly Oat Hay (Young)
Young grass is the grass before became the first cut, it’ s less stalks and more leaves than the first cut grass. It focuses not on the amount of fiber but on palatability, It only harvested the best part, and less harvest than the first cut, so it can be called a luxury.
Recommended for older rabbits, rabbits who don’ t like stalks, rabbits with bad teeth, picky eater rabbits.
In Wooly carefully selected delicious young cut pieces when the fruit is small!  
High fiber 
Ultra low calcium! (Less than half of Timothy's first harvest)
Analytical Constituents 
Crude fiber:24~30%
Total Fiber:40.5~55%
Calcium :0.15~0.28%
Crude Fat :2.5~4%
Crude Protein: 8~11%
Ash Content: 7~10%
Additional Information
Avoid the heat and humidity and direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.  
Please do not consume the drying agent in the bag that help to keep hay in optimum condition. 
This product may varies in due to weather condition.  
Please keep put in place out of the reach of infants (children).   
Do use the hay asap after opening for optimum