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日本Leaf Corp 木瓜樹木(切片-小) 10個

  • Reference: SNTONG0044

Manufacturer: Leaf Corp.

●A chewing tree for small animals made from domestic papaya wood that is completely pesticide-free.
●Pets will be delighted with USAYAMA's original chewing wood, which is made by slicing the papaya tree.
- Playing with it is effective in preventing small animals' teeth from growing too long and in dental care.
●No coloring agents or preservatives are used.
●Package with zipper for convenient storage.

10 pieces

Raw Materials:
Papaya Tree (Domestic, Completely Pesticide-Tree)

Country of origin:

*Products for sale have been ozone cleaned and dried with hot air.
*As this product is made from natural materials, there may be variations in shape and color depending on the weather and location at the time of harvest, but this does not affect the quality.
*Although we strive to keep the quality as stable as possible, due to the characteristics of the product, there may be variations in shape and color depending on the lot. Please note.
*Some products may have green, white, or black spots visible on the surface of the wood, but these are not mold and are the original color of the wood.
*Although this product is dried, mold may develop after opening depending on the storage environment. Please avoid storing in hot and humid places.
*If there are buds on the branches, remove them before feeding.