Marukan MRP-718 Timothy Hay for Rabbit PRO 550g

  • Reference: HYADPP0004

This is a timothy for rabbits, selected from the highest grade timothy that has a good fragrance and is highly palatable.
By chewing high-fiber timothy, you can maintain the health of your rabbit's ever-growing teeth.
Low calorie and low protein grass. It can be given as a daily staple food. Eating fiber-rich foods helps eliminate hairballs in the stomach.

* Ingredients:

* Guaranteed ingredients:
7.3% or more crude protein, 1.5% or more crude fat, 39.3% or less crude fiber, 6.3% or less crude ash, 10.6% or less moisture, 0.3% calcium, 0.2% phosphorus

* Expiration:
 (Unopened) 24 months

* Country of Origin or Place of Manufacture:
United States

* Note:

・Grass is grown, harvested, dried, and compressed in an outdoor farm. We always strive to provide high-quality pasture grass, but since it is an agricultural product, the grass quality (color, fragrance, length, etc.) may vary depending on the harvest lot. There is no problem with the nutritional value, so please feel free to give it.

・Also, insects and other organisms living in the cultivation area, foreign objects such as pebbles and soil, and other native plants may be mixed in during harvesting. It may be mixed. We inspect the product as much as possible when packing, but in rare cases, it may be left behind, so please check with your own eyes to make sure there are no foreign objects mixed in when using it.