USAYAMA Seasonal Soft Oat Hay Grass Ball (5 ​​pieces)

  • Reference: SNTONG0034

Grass Ball made with soft, hand-picked oat hay without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers!

Manufacturer: Leaf Corp., Ltd.

Rabbits and other small animals in general

● Chemical-free oat hay for pets.
● Soft, hand-picked oat hay made without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers is made into a ball shape.
● Can be given to various pets such as rabbits and other small animals. Grass ball are fun to play with and delicious to eat.

What is Oats Hay?
Oat hay are low protein, low calcium and high fibre, which are ideal nutritionally balanced grasses. It has a strong scent and whets the appetite of small animals.

Internal capacity:
5 pieces (1 piece about 10g)

Oats Hay

Country of origin: