HiPet sumi-CA Woven Grass Basket (M)

  • Reference: TYTONG0041

Manufacturer: Hipet

Subject: Small herbivorous animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.

●A basket where small herbivorous animals can lie down and relax.
●It is a large size for large breeds such as lop rabbit.
●Since it's made of grass, it's safe to eat and play with.
●It is handmade with eco-friendly natural materials.
●There is a string for fixing the cage to prevent tampering.

Size (about):
Width 350 x Height 215 x Depth 350mm

Napier grass (straw), Neem (natural wood), Jute (string)

How to use:
●Please install in a place where it will not get wet, such as a cage.
●If you do not use the string to secure the cage, please cut it with scissors so that it does not get entangled in the pet.
●When it gets dirty or damp, please replace it.

Country of origin:

*Avoid direct sunlight and use in a dry place as insects may occur.
*Since this is a handmade product, the size, weight, color, etc. may differ slightly.