Marukan MR-828 Super Hot Boa Mat for rabbits(Brown)

  • Reference: TYTONG0028

Warm without electricity!

Manufacturer: Marukan
Product number: MR-828

Small animals such as rabbits.

● A thermal mat that uses body heat to warm the body without the need for electricity.
● We use material with carbon, and it heats up gradually.
● The fluffy material keeps you warm.
● The mat blocks the cold from the floor.

Size (about):
Length 40 x Width 30 cm

Polyester, Foamed Polyethylene, Non-woven Fabric

Country of origin:

How to use:
● By simply lying or sitting on the mat, your body will be warmed through the contact surface.
● Use a soft brush to remove dirt such as hair on the surface.
● To remove noticeable dirt, wash the surface by hand, remove moisture with a towel, etc., and dry in the shade.