KAWAI Kamakura House (M)

  • Reference: HYPETL0052

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Target Rabbits
Features ● It is a rabbit kamakura house made by Asian vitamin timothy.
● It's safe because it has plenty of fiber.
● It is safe because it is sterilized and dried at medium and high temperature for 10 hours.
● Warakko Club There are seven commitments.
1. Pesticide-free Aziantimosa grown freely in nature
2. Aging and drying
3. Timothy selection
4. Soften timothy
5. Handmade
6. Further dry
7. UV protection
quantity One
Size (approx) Width 230 x depth 250 x height 200 mm
* Since it is handmade, there may be some error in the size.
raw materials Asian Bita Timothy
Guaranteed ingredients Crude fiber: 34.1%, protein: 5.0%, lipid: 1.0%