Kawai Hand-picked Kuzunoha from Nasu Highlands (7g)

  • Reference: HYPETR0024

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Target Rabbit, bird, guinea pig, chinchilla
Features ● A small animal snack made by hand picking a leaf grown in the delicious air and the blessings of the sun at a delicious time.
● Nutrition is also locked in a homemade dryer.
● Kuzu is a very nutritious plant that loves rabbits. It also contains chlorophyll, where you can expect vitamins and minerals.
Internal capacity 7g (inside and outside)
raw materials Kuzunoha
Guaranteed ingredients Crude protein: 25.27%, crude fat: 1.10%, crude fiber: 15.51%, crude ash: 7.67%, moisture: 11.70%
How to give ● Please give as much as the living body does not eat.
please note * This product is a food for small animals. Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
* Please be assured that it is 100% domestically produced. Hand-picked leaves may be uneven in shape and color because they are natural materials, but there is no problem with quality.
* You cannot eat desiccant. Be careful of young children.